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If you are looking at these pages, you are probably also looking at my employment history - thank you! You may also wish to look at the following:

Social Media

I managed these social media accounts for TE Connectivity:

I also managed the name change from Tyco Electronics to TE Connectivity for all their Social Media accounts.


Much of my coding is behind a firewall and therefore not accessible. However, below are links to some of my work that is visible on the web.


Web sites and code I have worked on
Thumbnail of the Hirshhorn website view (WordPress Template)
I created the WordPress template that drives this site for the Smithsonian's Gallery of Modern Art as contract coder on behalf of The Juice Agency. Though it appears to be a single page, this is made up of multiple content pages, dynamically loading in a scrollable horizontal plane. This allows for more intuitive and exploratory navigation of the site, whilst still being drivable by the drop-down navigation. Every page has an individual URL, maintaining SEO searchability.
Thumbnail of Scorecard playBook app viewScore Card app for the PlayBook
A little fun side project I wrote using WebWorks. The offer of a free PlayBook from RIM helped! I porting it to the Blackberry phone.
Thumbnail of product selector on view
Here is a page that shows my UI design skills. The challenge here was the complexity of the product offering and the need to present information in a format that a design engineer (customer) could relate to. The solution is a mixture of jQuery and DOJO to provide a clickable image map with complex pop-ups.
Thumbnail of the Tubbing Selector on view
This small application is an interesting use of a JavaScript data grid as a data source transformed into the selector.
Thumbnail of view
I co-created a WordPress plugin that provides a widget which allows blogs to show the avatars of blog users/authors etc. This is my concept and design but Benedikt Forchhammer is the main coder on this
Thumbnail of view
I rewrote this into XHTML for Tyco Electronics UK Ltd.
Thumbnail of view
This is a page that I maintained out of the whole site. It is a small DB application for data sheets. It talks to a .NET API backend to retrieve the data.
Thumbnail of screenshot view
A relatively low budget WordPress site. The client is continuing to develop content with limited and largely remote support. The remit included building in the capacity for the client to develop a Social Media presence as and when they feel able. (July 2011)